Barrett Green Smart Water Valve™

The Barrett Green Smart Water Valve™ is a proprietary, maintenance free, water conservation device that will save approximately 10% or more on your water bill. Functioning as a check valve, it is installed inside the main water pipe inside your building and eliminates excess air in the water, (water- H2O - contains 10% to 20% air depending on temperature and pressure), along with regulating water flow. Installation of the Smart Water Valve is RISK FREE as it is licensed to the building at NO UPFRONT COST.

The Barrett Green Smart Water Valve™ is manufactured to aircraft tolerances, is made from 100% Level 316 “Food Grade” stainless steel and, is installed downstream from your meter so as to not interfere with its operation. As the device is pressurized by the water flow from the municipal water supply the pressure forces the piston, which is retained by a spring, (visible in the right photo above), to open and allow the water to pass through “downstream”. The pressure exerted on the air in the water causes the air bubbles to be reduced in size. The excess air bubbles then float back to the storage tank, where there is space at the top for the air to escape.

The Barrett Green Smart Water Valve™ has been installed successfully in a 33-story residential high-rise apartment building, in the largest condominium development in the world, and has been operating maintenance free for over 3 years, generating an average of 10% savings over this timeframe. In dollar terms that equates to an annual savings of around $140,000.

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