Our Unique Approach

Barrett Green Management’s Unique "Hands On/Hands Off” Approach

Hands On - Solving the Energy Efficiency Puzzle

Barrett Green Management understands and appreciates you are likely bombarded with approaches from other firms claiming they have “the” answer to your problems and that they can save you money. We also understand that energy efficiency can be a puzzle. Barrett Green doesn’t come to you with “the” answer to that puzzle or one that is prefabricated. Instead, working “hands on” with you we develop the answer for you after listening to you and developing an understanding of the issues you are facing and what your goals are. Then we will implement the solution to the puzzle, one which has been developed for you and one that solves your problems.

Hands Off - It's Your Building

Whatever solution we develop for you, whether it involves a specific piece of equipment or system, or the implementation of an overall energy management plan for the day-to-day operation of all the energy systems in your building, unlike others, we never assume that we know everything about how your building should be run. Even after meeting with you to learn all that can be learned about your goals, requirements and, standards, you always have the final say, after all it is your building. The bottom line, Barrett Green takes an advisory role, insuring a balance is struck between energy efficiency, occupant comfort and your requirements.

In addition to the Owner’s Representative/Project Management services described above, Barrett Green can assist you in many other areas as well. To learn more, click here.