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Whether you own or represent a commercial, industrial, multi-family (rental, co-op or condo), or institutional property, Barrett Green is here to help. We work with owners, property managers, developers, engineers, contractors, and we have extensive experience in working with co-op and condominium boards. Our team has over thirty years of experience and we will provide you with creative, cost effective solutions at no upfront costs to you.

Barrett Green will provide you with an assessment of your property that will state where the opportunities for energy savings exist. Potential opportunities include more efficient lighting, air-conditioning systems, and boilers, to name just a few. We will also provide a preliminary assessment as to whether the installation of a renewable energy system or of a combined heat and power/cogeneration system should be considered and if so, what the benefits would be to the property.

Once you have decided on the type of project or projects you wish to pursue, we will develop Requests for Proposals (“RFPs”) that we will send to leading contractors, manufacturers, designers, etc. in order to obtain the most competitive proposals for you. We will review the proposals with you and help you select the most appropriate proposal for your project. Once actual work on the project begins, we act as your project manager to ensure the project is completed to your total satisfaction.

Furthermore, for many of the projects you could undertake rebates, incentives and even tax credits may be available. For example, in New York State incentives and rebates are currently available from your local utility or from a state authority known as NYSERDA, the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority. In many cases, renewable energy projects (solar panels) are also eligible for federal, state and local tax credits. Barrett Green will ensure that any, and all, such incentives, rebates, and tax credits are fully investigated for your projects and that you receive any for which you are eligible.

Barrett Green Management will also verify that the projected savings from your energy efficiency project or energy purchasing agreement are, in fact, realized. As your unbiased representative, Barrett Green will review all savings claims made by a vendor in their proposal to ensure they are realistic. After the project is completed we will review the initial energy invoices issued to verify you are now receiving the expected energy savings. Should there be any discrepancies we will work to resolve them.

But while there may be other firms that claim to offer these same services, what makes Barrett Green Management unique is our "Hands On/Hands Off" approach. To learn more, click here.

Our Unique Approach

Hands On - Solving the Energy Efficiency Puzzle

Barrett Green Management understands and appreciates you are likely bombarded with approaches from other firms claiming they have “the” answer to your problems and that they can save you money. We also understand that energy efficiency can be a puzzle. Barrett Green doesn’t come to you with “the” answer to that puzzle or one that is prefabricated. Instead, working “hands on” with you we develop the answer for you after listening to you and developing an understanding of the issues you are facing and what your goals are. Then we will implement the solution to the puzzle, one which has been developed for you and one that solves your problems.

Hands Off - It's Your Building

Other firms may claim to offer these same services, but what separates and makes Barrett Green Management unique is our "Hands On/Hands Off" approach.

Our Team

Asif Syed

Asif Syed

Director, Engineering