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Barrett Green Gosaver Fuel Conservation Device™

50GPH NG5The patented Barrett Green Gosaver Fuel Conservation Appliance will save 10%-15% on your natural gas or fuel oil usage, (#2, #4 or #6 F.O.). Gosaver requires virtually no maintenance, just the occasional changing of the filter every few years, and is easily installed in the fuel line just ahead of the burner by either your service personnel or ours.

The appliance primarily works on the principal of fuel atomization, adding air to the fuel to encourage more complete combustion of the fuel. The result is a cleaner and more efficient burn which produces a higher temperature, with fewer hydrocarbons going up the stack and out into the atmosphere. The higher temperature is not needed to maintain the efficiency of the boiler so after installation the operating temperature of the burner is then lowered, restoring the unit’s efficiency to manufacturers’ specifications. The temperature differential translates into savings, which can be scientifically and accurately verified by your service personnel using an industry standard calculation program.

Determining the size of the unit that is right for your application is easy. Simply provide us with the burner’s horsepower and BTU ratings, along with the name of the manufacturer and, if available, the model number and Barrett Green can provide you with pricing. We also can arrange a meeting with our local engineer and/or installer to respond to your technical questions.

Barrett Green Gosaver Fuel Conservation Device


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