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Owner’s Representative

Barrett Green doesn’t represent any manufacturers, contractors or installers, we are here to represent only your interests. We accomplish the above by first understanding your goals and the prospective project involved. We then put together a Request for Proposal (“RFP”) which we release to appropriate vendors. When the responses are received we review them with you, helping you select the one that best suits your needs. Once the project is underway we oversee the project from beginning to end to ensure it meets your expectations.

Energy Assessments

Barrett Green will provide you with a preliminary Energy Assessment as a standard part of its service. This Assessment will look at the various areas of your property and inform you which ones could provide you with opportunities for energy savings. Should a more detailed “ASHRAE” level study be desired we will develop an RFP to release to various firms that offer such engineering reviews and then review the responses with you to assist you in selecting the best engineering firm for your needs. We will then oversee their work to ensure you are completely satisfied with the results.

RFP Development

Barrett Green believes the development of any Request for Proposals/“RFP” is critical for the success of any project. We will therefore work extensively with you to understand your needs and goals, along with conducting thorough research to determine the most qualified vendors/contractors for your project before the RFP is released. Once the proposals are received we will then conduct a detailed analysis of them and provide you with a thorough overview of them. We will review the results with you and if desired, present them to your board or senior management.

Strategic Energy Efficiency Plans

The energy industry is undergoing vast changes today thanks to the increasing use by customers of renewable energy systems such as solar panels and other non-traditional energy generation sources. In New York State this has resulted in the Department of Public Service implementing many changes and options that will enable you to better manage and control your energy use. These changes will also enable you to receive payments for being able to reduce your energy use when asked to do so by your local utility. While these changes will potentially help you save money, knowing how to navigate through these options is not easy. Barrett Green can help you sort all this out and ensure you are best positioned to take advantage of these options by developing a Strategic Energy Plan. Call 212-319-8400 to learn more.

Energy Rate Schedule Analysis

Utilities offer multiple rate schedules, as well as, multiple riders any of which they can use to determine your energy charges. While utilities are required to serve you under a rate, they are not required to ensure you are served under the most economical rate or rider. In other words, it is up to you to select the rate and/or rider that is best for you. Since there are many factors involved in determining which rate/rider is best for your application we will examine how your building uses energy and analyze the past twelve to twenty-four months of energy bills you have received. If you are not served under are the most appropriate ones we will work with you and your local utility to have you changed over to the more appropriate rate or rider. We will also determine if you are entitled to any refunds and obtain those for you, as well. Finally, once you are charged under the new rate/rider we will review the billing to make sure you are in fact receiving the expected savings.

Project Management

Once you have signed an agreement with a contractor to undertake a project a crucial step in ensuring you are satisfied with the results is entrusting the oversight of their work to someone who not only understands your needs, but also the work involved. Barrett personnel have over thirty years of project management experience, everything from simple lighting projects to large scale HVAC retrofits, to solar and combined heat and power projects. With Barret Green overseeing the project you can rest assured it will be done right and completed on time.

Energy Supply Procurement

Besides helping to ensure your property operates efficiently with regards to its energy use, Barrett Green Management, can assist you in obtaining energy supply, (electricity, natural gas or fuel oil), under an Energy Services Agreement, which will produce additional savings for your building. There are hundreds of energy commodity providers to pick from and determining if their proposals will really save you money is not easy. Barrett Green is vastly experienced in this area as its president developed some of the first electric purchasing agreements put in place back in the late 1990’s, so we know what should and should not be in an energy purchasing agreement. Furthermore, since we don’t represent any one vendor, you are assured we will give you an unbiased recommendation. To learn more about this service call us today at 212-319-8400.

Energy Bill Verification

Energy invoices have become more complicated and provide more information than ever before. This is especially true if you obtain your energy supply, whether it is electricity or natural gas, from someone other than your local utility. Barrett Green will review your invoices to check for any anomalies and provide you with a detailed report that can be used to obtain any refunds due to you. We will also analyze the data provided to determine if any operational changes could provide energy savings for you. If the data reveals there are potential opportunities, we will issue a report outlining the specific changes involved and then we will work with you to implement any you wish to pursue.

Energy Project Financing

Besides ensuring you receive any rebates, incentives or tax credits available to you, if you desire financing, our affiliate, Barrett Capital Corporation, will design a customized financing program that suits your needs. Barrett Capital specializes in funding energy efficiency projects, offering Lease Financing, Shared Savings Plans and Energy Services Agreements, which require no money down. With a Shared Savings Plan, for example, a portion of the savings generated by the project is used to cover the loan payments. Once the loan is repaid you then enjoy 100% of the savings. Barrett Capital also can provide mortgages and various other financial services. Call us today at 212-319-8400 to learn more about all the options available to you.